Artis Brush - Elite Mirror Circle 1R
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Artis Brush - Elite Mirror Circle 1R

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The Circle 1R has the same handle as the Circle 1 but the fibre bundle tips form a rounded dome. This rounded [the R in the name] edge allows for a soft, natural-looking edge to the application, which is preferred when spot concealing or blending eyeshadow all-over the lid or in the crease. The Circle 1R brush is designed to be used with liquid, cream or powder products such as: Lip color Eyeshadow Eyebrow color Highlight Concealer Skincare products The Elite Collection handles use paired elliptical/oval shapes with a circular bundle design that offers thousands of fibres for a seamless application. The double oval design and unique bundle orientation is exclusively patented by Artis, and CosmeFibre is trademarked. The Elite Collection handles are produced using a proprietary metal alloy similar to what is used in the manufacture of luxury car engines. The secret to that delicious finish is in our soft, animal-free CosmeFibre monofilaments. It's engineered to be used with cosmetics and across all types of formulas - liquids, powders and emollients. Each fibre bundle is packed with 3 - 10 times more fibres than their closest makeup brush counterpart, and the tip of each Cosmefibre tapers down to 3 microns (which you can't see with the naked eye!) so you get the softest application and superior results. "Clearing" or nominal cleaning use: When using mostly powder products, the Artis brushes can be "cleared" from one powder to another by simply wiping the brush tips several times across the dry surface of the microfiber cloth. This action pulls the powder residue from the tips, making the brush ready to accept another powder product for application. This method is particular useful when applying eye shadows and switching from one color to another without the need to completely wash the brush. "Full" cleaning use: Apply a small amount of Artis Brush Cleansing Foam to the surface of the cloth or to the brush fibres. Dip the tips of the Artis Brush into the foam, then stroke/wipe the brush tips across the antimicrobial microfiber cloth until the makeup residue is transferred to the cloth, leaving the brush clean and sanitized. Reshape the brush, if necessary, and allow to dry. Drying generally takes only a few minutes.