Tokyo Totem

Tokyo Totem

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More than a guide in itself, it is a book that gathers numerous essays that show the most real and human side of Tokyo. With incredible photographs! This publication is the result of a collaboration between international and Japanese authors and makers of various disciplines, ranging from art to social science and from urban studies to design. What they have in common is their interest and fascination with cities, and in particular Tokyo's urban culture. It is called a guide, not because it helps you find places to see, or places to eat or drink, but because it helps you to read and see the city differently. Each contribution let's you experience a different city. You may look at the city through the eyes of a bathhouse connoisseur, a host, an architect, a topographer, a flaneur, a konbini anthropologist, a foreigner, an artist or a child. In a way, each author is a guide, and so this guide book is reality 46 guidebooks. Among cities, Tokyo in particular seems to baffle foreigners. This subjective guidebook to the spectacular Japanese metropolis intends to help you navigate and read the city in a way that evokes both a sense of adventure and a feeling of belonging. From a tour of Roppongi's uneven topography, konbini food offerings, and exploring bathhouses, to the rhythm of temporary urban totems, this densely packed book guarantees an alternative take on Tokyo. 320 p, Japanese / English