Persian Cat Family Toy
De Kinderfeestwinkel

Persian Cat Family Toy

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Father Arthur likes to collect beautiful cups, vases and carpets. He shows all his collections in his house. His favorite thing is the beautiful patterned carpet in the living room. Mother Cecilia is always well dressed. She loves beautiful dresses and has lots of shiny jewelry. Her favorite jewel is a large brooch. She's wearing that brooch all the time because Cecilia said he liked it. Cecilia is the shopkeeper of the boutique in Sylvanian Village. She designs all dresses and jewelry in her store. The beautiful designs are admired by mothers and girls throughout the village. Brother Felix is very considerate and friendly to his friends. His easy, warm friendliness makes him popular with the girls. He is afraid of heights, but he is too ashamed to tell his friends. Sister Nora looks up at her fashionable mother. She wants to grow up quickly, so she can also wear beautiful dresses. She likes to make make-up for her commode mirror, just like her mother.