Japanese Kuromoji Hydrosol 100ml
Rokugatsu Yohka

Japanese Kuromoji Hydrosol 100ml

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About this product

100% Organic Kuromoji (Lindera umbellata) hydrosol from Rokugatsu Yohka*, forestry and artisanal distillation maker in Oita prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. It can be used as a face wipe toner or cleaning water in the bathroom. Kuromoji (Lindera umbellata)is called 'Japanese geranium', it is also used in the Japanese traditional medicine. Kuromoji (Lindera umbellata) Hydrosol Steam distillation Made in Japan 100% Natural Ingredients *Rokugatsu Yohka means in Japanese the 8th of June. It is when the Japanese forest is the most alive and dynamic under the rain season.