Black Silver Shy Bairn Enamel Pin Badge
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Black Silver Shy Bairn Enamel Pin Badge

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Shy Bairns get nowt, Pet! Whether you are a shy bairn or you aren't, it's safe to say that if you don't ask it's likely that you're not going to get. But maybe sporting this beautiful heart shaped enamel pin badge with the famous north east saying might persuade people you meet that you're not going to ask but that doesn't mean they shouldn't offer. Upgraded airline seats, free desserts, entry into clubs - we're not saying this pin badge will definitely get you things if you are a Geordie bairn with a coy disposition but it can't hurt to accessorise with your personality traits so the world might become a little more understanding for the less vocal of the population. Or you could gift it to someone with perfect north east irony. And it looks really cool too.