Black And Blue Khotso Tradtional Basotho Cards Blanket
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Black And Blue Khotso Tradtional Basotho Cards Blanket

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The Khotso is an entry-level Basotho blanket and is the only one to be manufactured from acrylic, making them completely vegan. They work well as a bedspread, throw and traditional winter warmers. These blankets have a deep cultural significance and history. The world renowned Basotho tribal blankets distinguish South Africa from others by the way in which the blankets are worn as part of their everyday life. The designs have been developed over many years. What makes the Basotho blankets unique is the layout of the design, the various symbols used, the bold colour combinations and the characteristic pin-stripe. This stripe was originally a weaving fault which has become a unique part of the design and dictates how the blanket is worn. When worn in the traditional manner, the pin-stripe runs vertically symbolising growth. Traditionally Basotho blankets were manufactured from wool which offered protection from the wind and rain and provides warmth in the high altitude of The Mountain Kingdom. Product Values: Made By: A South African textile factory, manufacturing blankets since 1953.