100 Ml 051 Deodorant

100 Ml 051 Deodorant

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The 051 Deodorant from SA.AL&CO does not contain parabens or aluminium and instead is a potent, reliable yet mild deodorant made up of a selection of proven and powerful natural ingredients to make it equally suitable for a slow day in the office as for a proper workout session. The ingredients mitigate the perspiration whilst stopping unwanted odour by means of ingredients with high efficacy. The subtle, elegant, and fresh scent reinforces the effect of a dependable deodorant. Witch hazel has antibacterial properties and a contractive tissue effect, thus removing excess oil and moisture as well as constricting the skin to which it is applied. Sage showcases antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, relevant at times when the deodorants performance is particularly needed, such as during times of stress or exercise. Lavender elevates the effects of the other ingredients through its apparent antiseptic and antifungal properties. Triethyl Citrate hinders the enzymatic breakdown of sweat into parts that can create an odour. By lowering the pH of the area its applied to, the bacteria responsible for the unwanted odour have a yet hard time developing.