Stranger Things - Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Stranger Things - Darkness On The Edge Of Town

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It is Christmas at Hawkins in 1984. All Chief Jim Hopper wants is to enjoy a peaceful first Christmas with Eleven, however his adopted daughter has other plans. Eleven desires to discover answers to some rather mysterious questions... why did Hopper leave Hawkins all those years ago? What does 'Vietnam' mean? Why has he never talked about New York? Hopper now knows that he cannot deny the truth no longer, and so it begins... the incident in New York - the last big case before everything changed. Delve into this official Stranger Things novel and discover the long-awaited secrets that Eleven has been desiring. Find out what Hopper has to reveal on is old life as a police detective in New York City as he confronts his past before the events of the hit show Stranger Things. Product Information: ISBN: 9781780899985 Author: Adam Christopher Publisher: Century Format: Hardback Pages: 415 Dimensions: 24.5 x 16.5 x 4.5cm