Paula's Choice Soothe + Protect - Redness
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Paula's Choice Soothe + Protect - Redness

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Sensitive skin Redness: Paula's Choice Soothe + Protect Soothing relief for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. Looking after dry, sensitive skin that's prone to redness isn't easy, as many skincare products irritate the skin. This soothing power couple calms skin and gives it much-needed hydration while protecting it from the sun's rays - which can trigger irritation. Calm Mineral Moisturiser SPF 30 combines a redness-minimising blend of soothing plant extracts, antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients with gentle mineral sunscreens. Moisture Renewal Booster works perfectly side-by-side, drenching skin with nourishing plant oils, antioxidants and ceramides to smooth dry, flaky skin and strengthen its surface. Together, they improve sensitivity and redness, leaving skin soft, hydrated and healthier-looking.