Acorelle Eau de Parfum Roll On Trio Gift Set (Worth 39)

Acorelle Eau de Parfum Roll On Trio Gift Set (Worth 39)

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Discover a trio of relaxing treats with the Acorelle Eau de Parfum Roll On Gift Set, a kit containing three roller ball perfumes bursting with organic and natural scents. Designed to instil a feeling of calm and serenity, youll feel uplifted in no time. The Set Contains: Divine Orchid Eau de Parfum Roll On (10ml) Relax and unwind with a mood-boosting blend of essential oils to help relieve anxiety and instil a feeling of calm. The concoction of stress-fighting floral scents includes sweet Orange, musky Sandalwood and sultry Orchid. Lotus Dream Eau De Parfum (10ml) Create a feeling of total serenity with a blend of essential oils including Bergamot, Lavender and Patchouli. The floral perfume will transport your mind to a place of complete relaxation. Citrus Infusion Eau De Parfum (10ml) Soothe your senses with an intoxicating recipe of Neroli, Mandarin and musky Jasmine. The calming blend of essential oils works to relieve stress and restore and restore a relaxed, balanced body and mind.