Limited Edition Overnight Reset Serum
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Limited Edition Overnight Reset Serum

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About this product

The Limited Edition 50ml Overnight Reset Serum will leave your skin looking rested, fresh, more youthful and radiant. This extraordinary serum suits all skin types, and works in combination with all L'OCCITANE face care serums and moisturisers. Our busy modern lives are full of stress, pollution, and often exhaustion, and all these elements have a direct impact on your skin. Your skin is best able to perform its repairing and regenerating functions at night, which makes your night-time skin routine so important. Upon initial application of Immortelle Overnight Reset, the texture is a light water-gel, infused with: Marjoram - known to help activate gene expression functions that have become dormant due to natural ageing; Acmella Oleacera - relaxes muscle tension and helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and expressions lines. Then, while lightly massaging into your skin, thousands of suspended golden bubbles release: Immortelle Oil Extract - L'OCCITANE's iconic and powerful antioxidant, it stimulates skin microcirculation and increases collagen synthesis for firmer, smoother skin. Finally, a satin smooth finish leaves instant hydration without any greasiness or residue. After one night, you will find your skin hydrated, looking smoother; and your complexion fresh and rested. After 4 weeks, your skin will be smoother, more radiant and plumped; while the skin texture looks more even and younger-looking. 9/10 women would recommend it to a friend Satisfaction tested on 115 women After 1 night: Skin looks refreshed: 97%*Skin looks rested: 97%* Skin looks awakens: 91%* Skin is moisturised: 88%*Skin looks luminous: 81%*After 7 nights: Skin looks rested: 100%* Complexion has a healthy glow: 97%* Fine lines and expression wrinkles are less visible: 90%*After 28 nights: Skin looks transformed & re-energised: 100%* Skin looks replenished with moisture & plumped: 100%* Skin is younger-looking: 90%*Satisfaction tested on 31 womenVoted BEST FOR TIRED SKIN - Harper's Bazaar Beauty Award 2018 Voted BEST SKINCARE INNOVATION - Woman & Home Beauty Awards 2018