Essential Chewable Vitamin C - 120tablets - Orange

Essential Chewable Vitamin C - 120tablets - Orange

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About this product

What is Essential Chewable Vitamin C? Essential Chewable Vitamin C is a premium chewable, orange flavour supplement that contains 500mg of vitamin C, providing over 600% of the recommended daily allowance. Why use Chewable Essential Vitamin C? An essential vitamin found naturally in fruit and vegetables, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports the normal function of the bodys immune system. High in strength, this tasty supplement encourages normal collagen formation to support the normal health of skin, teeth and gums while providing assistance to the normal function of bones, cartilage and blood vessels. Maintaining adequate Vitamin C intake contributes to the normal metabolism of energy, reducing tiredness and fatigue. Who can benefit? Essential Chewable Vitamin C is ideal for those looking for a tasty supplement to support the bodys immune system. This effective vitamin is perfect also for individuals seeking to improve skin complexion, dental health and bone & joint care.