Vispring Bedstead Supreme Mattress King Medium Tension

Vispring Bedstead Supreme Mattress King Medium Tension

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From the frame to the fillings, coils to construction, each mattress is crafted by the hands of specialist mattress makers within Vi-Springs workshop on the South West Coast.To create its opulent levels of comfort, the Realm comprises a wool spring protector and naturally resilient horsehair sandwiched between layers of bonded and blended platinum certified British fleece wool.At the core of this Vi-Spring mattress sits over a thousand hand-nested calico pocketed springs, each of which is able to move independently from one another providing a supportive sleep by moulding to the contours of the body.To ensure optimum comfort for traditional bedframes, this mattress comes in a choice of tensions from soft to firm, to suit every kind of sleeper.While inferior quality mattresses require a metal frame to provide shape, the Supreme relies on two rows of masterful hand side-stitching that bonds the body to the spring unit giving the mattress a naturally supportive and resilient