Smith Half Rack
Body Power

Smith Half Rack

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About this product

Incredibly smooth in operation; the Body Power Smith Half Rack lets you perform all your classic strength exercises - such as presses; squats and rows - all in the comfort of your own home; and without the need for a spotter. A knurled bar provides a secure grip throughout your workout; with red quick-lock collars keeping your weight plates safely on the bar. Simply hook the bar onto one of 12 positions to safely rack your weights. Safety spotters and j-hooks; with a textured rubber surface; are also included for when you want to use a traditional barbell safely. Plus; you can incorporate pullups and dips into your routine thanks to the integrated chinning bar and dip handles. Resistance band attachment points are there for when you want to make your squats more challenging; and a landmine attachment is also included for specific free weight exercises. For suspension training fanatics; there is a secure fixing at the top of the frame to attach your system to; making the Smith Half Rack the perfect platform for your favourite bodyweight movements. As if that wasn't enough; four weight plate horns and a barbell holder are built-in to help keep your workout area organised and safe. Please note the Smith Half Rack is compatible with Olympic weight plates only. Pictured with Heavy Duty Rubber Mat (BPMAGMAT) - sold separately.