Max Adjustable Weighted Vest

Max Adjustable Weighted Vest

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About this product

The Proform Adjustable Weighted Vest is a fantastic way to add extra resistance to your workout. By increasing your natural weight; it makes your body work harder; helping to improve endurance; build strength and power and give you more of a cardio workout. The vest offers 6-in-1 weight training with a total of 9kg of adjustable weight combinations. This includes the 3.5kg vest; 0.5kg belt; 2 x 0.7kg wrist weights and 2 x 1.8kg ankle weights. As it's fully adjustable; you're free to choose which weights you include; depending on your exercise and fitness. You can progress over time; or simply switch around the weight combinations depending on your workout. Super comfortable to wear; all components including the ankle and wrist weights are made of soft; comfy materials so you can feel comfortable as you take your fitness to the max. The vest comes with the Proform Max Extreme Cross-Training Workout DVD; which includes a digital 60 day workout calendar; nutrition guide and exercise chart.