Leverage Gym (No Bench)
Body Power

Leverage Gym (No Bench)

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About this product

An all-in-one machine; the Body Power Leverage Gym lets you target multiple muscle groups on just one compact machine to really make the most of your workouts. Ideal for a home gym environment; it boasts a relatively small footprint; fitting neatly into the corner of a room without compromising on functionality. The eye-catching red lateral arms offer maximum exercise versatility. Using a handy chrome pin; the arms can be adjusted to one of eleven positions; each position ideal for specific movements. A removable cross-bar is great for squats; with a bar pad included for protecting the neck and upper back; or utilise the textured handles on the arms for movements like deadlifts and shrugs. Combine the Leverage Gym with a bench; and these handles can also be used for all your big press movements; including chest press and shoulder press. The arms can be moved together; or can be released for independent movement for the specific targeting of certain muscle groups. Hinged on a ball bearing axis; every movement is smooth; no matter how much weight you're lifting. The arms can be raised to their highest position for an effective chinning station; or lowered to your preferred height for dips. A low pulley station - complete with a straight bar cable attachment - lets you add rows; bicep curls and more into your routine. Or; work your back with the pulldown station; complete with a multi-grip lat bar and durable foam leg hold-down. The Body Power Leverage Gym comes complete with a host of extras including 3 sets of collars (1x pair of red quick-lock collars; 2x pair of spring collars); weight plate storage horns; positions to attach resistance bands and rubber stoppers for stability. Finished in a matte black colour with red and chrome accents; the Leverage Gym really looks the part. Please Note: compatible with Olympic weight plates only. Weight plates and bench are sold separately. Pictured with Heavy Duty Rubber Mat (BPMAGMAT) - sold separately.