Sachajuan Curl Collection

Sachajuan Curl Collection

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SACHAJUAN's SCALP CARE Collection has been designed for the estimated 55% of people with wavy or curly hair. Everyones curl pattern is completely unique, but there are some common needs that have enabled to to create a curls care collection. Curls lose moisture faster because more platelets of the cuticle are elevated as the curl twists and curves down its length. Curls also struggle to replenish their own moisture as the shape of the curl slows the journey of hairs natural moisturiser, sebum travelling down hair shaft. SACHAJUANS New Curl Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment have been specifically development to give curls intensive nourishment. The range harnesses Ocean Silk Curl Complex combines wheat proteins with minerals from two cold water algaes; rhydophcea and chrondus cripspus, to rehydrate and repair damage. This caring combination smooths curls cuticle, sealing out frizz, repair split ends and provide enduring moisture. Leaving the curl treatment on wet hair for ten minutes also provides a great foundation for stylng, making the creation of soft, bouncy curls that last, easier. Your own curl texture and styling regime will dictate how often will feel optimal to use the curl treatment versus the conditioner. The tighter your curls, the more moisture loss your hair will be susceptible to. Heat styling will further dry out curls, so start with once a week and then see if a mid-week treatment boost works for you. The travel-friendly Curls care collection enables you to try the full curl care regime to establish the perfect combination for you. Curl Shampoo 100ml Shampoo created for curls. Ocean Silk Technology and wheat protein nourish the curl cuticle to build strength and shine. Curl Conditioner 100ml Conditioner designed to nourish and define curls. Builds strength and shine. Contains Ocean Silk Curl Complex to refine each curl. Sealing out frizz, creating soft curls that last. Curl Treatment 100ml Intensive curl care treatment. Contains Ocean Silk Curl Complex designed to combat frizz and repair split ends. Smooths curl cuticle to enhance manageability and shine. Builds a nourished foundation for styling, creating soft, bouncy curls that last.