Sachajuan Colour Protect Collection

Sachajuan Colour Protect Collection

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SACHAJUAN's Colour Protect Collection is the perfect capsule collection for colour care. Adding warmth and depth to your hair colour can feel easier to maintain across the season. Limited sunlight means we are not exposing our hair to as much UV lightening. But, with cold mornings, comes the temptation to turn up the shower heat and grab the blow drier. The hotter the water, the more the hair follicle will be steamed open, risking more of the colour molecules depositing in and on your hair leaching out of your hair shaft. The more different a colour from your own natural tone, and the richer the level of red hair pigment, the more susceptible to colour loss, or leaching it becomes. Keeping hairs moisture balance high, shower and heat appliance temperatures low, and using the right care system can help. SACHAJUANs Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner combines micro-emulsion with Ocean Silk Technology to provide a gentle, caring cleanse to prevent colour fade. Using a weekly treatment like SACHAJUAN Hair Repair can help ensure your hair stay moisturised to show off hair colour in the best light. Set Contains: Colour Protect Shampoo 100ml: Shampoo specially formulated with Ocean Silk Technology, less wash active ingredients and microemulsion technology to prevent colour fade. Adds bounce and leaves hair with a silky shine. Use on similar or darker tones to protect colour-treated hair. Massage a small amount into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Colour Protect Conditioner 100ml: Conditioner with Ocean Silk Technology and UV-protection to shield colour treated hair. Conditions and detangles, leaving hair supple and strong with bounce and shine. Use on similar or darker tones to protect colour-treated hair. Massage into washed hair, comb through gently. Allow 12 minutes to work in. Rinse well. Hair Repair 100ml: This intensive hair treatment with Ocean Silk Technology for damaged and stressed hair promotes cell regeneration and lends vitality and strength. Its long lasting effect and ultra frizz reduction leave your hair manageable with a silky shine and a healthy look. Massage into washed hair, allow 510 minutes to work in. Rinse well.