Holika Holika Spot Band Smile Zone Patch 7g
Holika Holika

Holika Holika Spot Band Smile Zone Patch 7g

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About this product

Smile wrinkles, or as they are called mimic, are very difficult to equalise, as the skin is very fragile in that area. The mask based on natural plant extracts perfectly solves this problem, giving the skin a healthy appearance, gently cares and moisturises the skin cells. The ingredients in the product penetrate deep into the structure of skin cells and fill it with nutrients from the inside. As a result, skin cells themselves produce natural collagen, which helps to smooth wrinkles, the relief of the skin and prevents cells from premature aging. The mask has a gentle texture and does not leave residue after removing from the face. Holika Holika Spot Band Smile Zone Patch is developed on natural ingredients of herbs and does not contain artificial colours and Ethanol. Key Benefits: - Moisturising - Anti-wrinkle - Smoothing - Easy to use