Revive 1500 Pocket & 50mm Memory Foam 6ft Super Kingsize Zip Link Bed
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Revive 1500 Pocket & 50mm Memory Foam 6ft Super Kingsize Zip Link Bed

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The Revive 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam 6ft Super King Size Zip Link Bed comes with two luxury mattresses. Each Mattress is constructed around 1500 count pocket spring unit (in a 5ft King size Mattress) with ultra-supportive layers of 50mm high density visco elastic Memory foam sleep surface to distribute pressure and to provide ultimate comfort and support. Mattress side panels and Base are upholstered in luxury a Stone Faux Suede fabric. Each Spring is sewn into an individual fabric pocket allowing it to move independently and respond to the body's every movement and contour. it provides the best possible support to your spine allowing your body to immediately find the best sleeping position reducing tossing and turning. Two x 3ft Zip and Link Beds with Mattresses Manufactured in the UK and Complies with BS7177 UK fire regulations. 50mm high density visco elastic Memory foam sleep surface The extraordinary features of this Mattress helps blood to flow and circulate freely preventing the nerves and muscles from numbing. Relieves sciatica rheumatic and arthritic symptoms and back pain Prevents tossing and turning Hypoallergenic Anti-static stress free fabric Temperature sensitive The Revive 6ft Super King size zip and link bed is 6ft wide and is available in following two Lengths: = 6ft wide x 6 ft 3 inches long size= (Two x 3' x 6'3") OR (Two x 90cm x 190cm) = 6ft wide x 6 ft 6 inches long size=(Two x 3' x 6'6") OR (Two x 90cm x 200cm) It is available with a Platform top Base for firmer support or a Sprung Base for a softer more luxurious feel. The divan base is made from solid timber to provide a comfortable sturdy sleeping platform.The divan base comes with easy glide castors. Base comes in 2 section with castors and attachments for the headboard. There is also a wide range of storage options to choose from. You can buy this bed with standard side drawers approx each 32" long drawer Jumbo side drawers approx each 47.5" long drawer Large full side length drawers Continental drawers approx each 16" long drawer and slide storage options. The RH side or the LH side for the storage are from standing at footend of the bed and looking towards the headboard. So ideally if you require right hand side storage looking from footend of the bed towards the headboard end you need to select the Right Hand Side option. We can also supply this bed with customised size and storage options of your choice. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirement. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. Discounts Available! If your are looking to purchase 5 or more beds please phone 0161 920 6998 or email us through our Contact Us Form.