Sisley 'Phyto-Khol Perfect' eyeliner 1.8g - 999

Sisley 'Phyto-Khol Perfect' eyeliner 1.8g - 999

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About this product

A kohl pencil adds intensity to the eyes, dressing them with iridescent, metallic or matte highlights. 'Phyto-Khol Perfect' eyeliner has a unique molded texture that can hold maximum pearl particles, thus enhancing its shiny metallic highlights. In addition, it contains a very high proportion of oils and waxes that guarantee glide similar to that of a cream eye shadow, making it quick and easy to apply. Its firm lead lets you draw perfect and precise lines, and is gentle on the delicate eyelid area. An ultra glide on and comfortable texture for easy application and long lasting hold. Pure, intense shades combine at will for endless effects! Tested under ophthalmologic control, the lead's very soft formula does not irritate the skin and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.