E-150 S 2020

E-150 S 2020

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The E-150 S 2020 is Whytes response to their fans calls for an e-mountain bike, and they have beyond met expectations. With an internal battery, a complete Bosch eSystem and their own uncompromised Optimised Trail Offset geometry, this e-MTB is trail-ready. The reduced offset 35mm stanchioned RockShox Yari forks used perfectly compliment the bikes geometry making for some impressive steering control.To match the steering ability Whyte utilized the powerful Guide GE brakes with Code callipers for speed control.By using Boschs revolutionary, high-torque Performance Line CX 2020 (Gen 4) motor, Whyte was able to create a mountain bike with an exceptionally smooth power delivery. Its so smooth, in fact, that it simulates normal pedalling so all riders can feel at home on this stunning rig. To ensure that youre able to go above and beyond, the E-150 S offers a 625Wh battery included as standard. With all of these amazing features, and so many more, theres no reason you cant go out and have the best ride of your life.