B75 2019

B75 2019

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Own your city with the simple, ready-to-ride Brompton B75. This bike has everything you need to start your city riding experience, from the handlebars to the gears and everything in-between.Just as in a classic Brompton, the frame is handmade in London from a durable steel that can hold up to the bumps and bruises of daily riding. The M-Type handlebar, that iconic Brompton shape, offers you a comfortable ride position that's ideal for city riding. A 3-speed hub gear is a great choice for this low-maintenance bike as the gears are easy to clean and tough to destroy while also making hills a little bit easier. Classic above-bar plastic gear triggers and Brompton 30 degree brake levers are both in an easy to reach position making shifting and braking a breeze.Obviously the main appeal of this foldable bike is how easy it is to take it with you. Whether you're commuting into the city on the train or don't want to ride when the weather takes a turn, this bike can fold up into a convenient size and join you on any public transport. It also allows you to fold it up and bring it indoors so there's no need to worry about finding a spot to lock it up on the street. Despite being a one of a kind Brompton, the B75 is still compatible with all Brompton spares and accessories. You're able to add on Brompton luggage with ease and also upgrade for sturdier components as an when you need.Save Money. Save Time. Unlock Your City.