529 V2 2020

529 V2 2020

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Expect to have a great time, no matter the weather, with the Whyte 529 V2 2020 hardtail bike. Fitted with a RockShox Recon TK 29inch fork, a benchmark for value-based performance and featuring more than enough mud clearance, this bike has the suspension to help you keep going in any weather.Optimised for UK conditions, this hardtail is crammed with design elements that work well in cold and wet surroundings. Design features like the inchGet A Gripinch seat post clamp system that makes quick adjustment easy no matter how cold your hands are just prove how adapted Whyte's bikes are to the UK. The 529 also includes Whyte's own OTO (Optimised Trail Offset) & SCR (Single Chain Ring Specific) technologies to ensure as much control and balance in the trail bike as possible.