The Strong Protein

The Strong Protein

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Protein but not as you've seen it before, Innermost's game-changing formulas aren't built for body builders… Essential for repair and recovery, protein boasts the 'building blocks' of every. single. cell - including muscle, hair, skin and nails - so, if your diet isn't rich enough (very few people's is!) you need to supplement your daily intake. Part of the brand's 'muscle range', The Strong Protein is great for avid gym goers who want a helping hand to sculpt the ultimate physique. With two strains of protein - whey concentrate to repair, support recovery and encourage lean muscle development and casein (a slow-digesting protein for optimal uptake and absorption) - this buffet of functional nutrients makes for a great, post-gym drink. Jam-packed with bilberries and Montmorency cherries (rich in antioxidants to tackle inflammation) and magnesium (to speed recovery), simply mix into water or milk and consume within 45 minutes of exercise.