Scent of a Dream
Charlotte Tilbury

Scent of a Dream

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About this product

Charlotte Tilbury's debut Eau de Parfum is multi-faceted and totally addictive - floral and feminine with a 'magical', pheremonic base, this scent is universally bespoke; adapting to your pheremones to optimise your natural allure. Joyful top notes of lemon, peach and black pepper effervesce above the sensual, 'fleurotic' heart (a stunning bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, frankincense, violet and patchouli), which thrums above the perfume's 'magic molecules' - hedione, Iso E Super and ambroxan - a tantalising trinity that make you irresistible. Created in collaboration with one of the world's most celebrated noses, this fuses perfumery tradition with 'futuristic' fragrance practises to create something timeless and completely individual; it's sexy, hypnotic and empowering - just like its supermodel muse, Kate Moss. The perfect finishing touch, just one spritz will inspire positivity and enhance your capacity to captivate. think of this as the key to attraction.