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With a background in medical patch technology, patchology's intelligent masks and hydrogels deliver potent ingredients straight to your cells without any going to waste so you can get maximum effects with minimal effort. Pick from 'Down Time' perfect for recharging and resetting with its infusion of soothing calendula, detoxing evening primrose and relaxing lavender, 'Perk Up' is an energy boost for tired eyes infused with energy-boosting and de-puffing green tea, invigorating bergamot and brightening white mulberry, 'Chill Mode' is perfect for lulling stressed out skin into a state of total relaxation thanks to a blend of cannabis sativa seed oil and a cocktail of reishi and snow mushroom extracts, finally, 'Happy Place' is a must-try for uplifting with antioxidant-rich hibiscus, skin-softening coconut extract and conditioning lotus flower.