Legendary Lashes Volume 2
Charlotte Tilbury

Legendary Lashes Volume 2

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About this product

The ultimate ooh l l mascara, Charlotte Tilbury's Legendary Lashes Vol. 2 is enriched with an abundance of softening, conditioning and elasticising extracts to enhance lash health and achieve the most jaw-dropping (but natural-looking!) elongation and fullness. With bristles of varying lengths to comb through, coat and separate each and every hair (including those hard-to-access inner corners), this visually amplifies for baby-doll flutter for a flawless Hollywood look. The jet black formula flatters any eye colour and make up look and Charlotte Tilbury's tests showed that lash volume increased by 507% after just one application. Nourishing Carnauba wax fortifies each fragile strand to ward against breakage and brittleness, making this the ultimate wand for those plagued with sparse, stumpy lashes prone to weakness.