Jishaku #27: Mini Radiance
Rae Morris

Jishaku #27: Mini Radiance

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About this product

From their supremely soft heads to their ultra-sleek handles, Rae Morris' Jishaku brushes will change the way you apply make up forever. Combining the finest Japanese brush-making techniques and Rae Morris' make up application expertise, this range is the culmination of years of testing and perfecting. The Jishaku #27: Mini Radiance brush is truly brilliant tool to have in your arsenal; it's perfect for applying all foundations on-the-go. Use it with liquid and powder products, buffing them in with fast, circular strokes for an even, 'airbrushed' finish. The luxurious head is meticulously crafted from the highest-grade synthetic fibres by Japanese artisans, while the super-sleek black handle is formed from hard maple and cherry wood. Another standout feature is the brand's world-first magnetic functionality ('Jishaku' means magnet in Japanese) which means that the brushes can stand upright on any surface a magnet will hold to - including Rae Morris' custom designed magnetic stands - making for seamless storage, ultimate organisation and perfect hygiene. For a seamless, airbrushed finish, look no further…