DoDow - Sleep Aid Device

DoDow - Sleep Aid Device

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About this product

A must-have for insomniacs or those who suffer with stress-related sleep issues, Dodow is a discreet and simple to use gizmo that helps you to utilise relaxation therapy, meditation and yoga methods with little-to-no effort. Simply turn on Dodow, select your time setting (pick from an 8 minute cycle or a 20 minute cycle) and get comfy laid in bed on your back. Breath in time with the growing and shrinking light that emits onto the ceiling in a calming and soothing blue light. Dodow will reduce your breathing from 11 per minute down to 6 per minute to help you drift off worry and distraction free. Dodow aims to work quickly, effectively and naturally to counteract the effects of stress that are detrimental to sleep. It is also extremely effective from those suffering from circadian cycle sleep disorders or jet lag.