Men's Society - First Aid Kit
Men's Society

Men's Society - First Aid Kit

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For avid hikers, climbers or just general worriers, this first aid kit from Men's Society is packed full of everything you need to help you in an emergency. From a whistle to grab attention and silver survival blanket, to countless wipes and bandages, you are going to want this kit by your side on your next adventure. All packaged in a waterproof PVC bag, it has a clip closure which can easily be attached to a bag or your belt so you always have it to hand in a crisis. Key features: * First aid kit * Dimensions: H11xW25xD7.5cm * Set includes: * Scissors with ruler, metal tweezers, safety pins (10), * Triangular bandage, PBT conforming bandage, * Burn dressing, abdominal pad, alcohol pads (8), * Anti-mosquito wipes (4), cleaning wipes (2), * Gauze pads (2), non-woven pad (2), cooling patch (2), * Adhesive bandages - large (20), elastic fabric bandages -small (15), * Elastic bandages -round (5), elastic butterfly bandages (2), * Cotton buds (20), non-woven tape roll, * Emergency whistle, silver survival blanket, * Nylon inner bag with 2 folders * White PVC waterproof outer bag with clip closure