Emile Henry - Tagine - Red - 27 cm
Emile Henry

Emile Henry - Tagine - Red - 27 cm

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About this product

Cook delicious food in style with this Tagine from Emile Henry. Made from beautiful burgundy Flame Ceramic, its material has been designed to sit directly over and gas, electric or halogen heat sources, or over an induction hob with the use of an induction disk. Create the perfect slow simmer for tagines, stews and other simmering recipes, its conical shaped lid allows steam to circulate freely inside, keeping ingredients succulently moist. Available in two sizes it makes a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. Key features: * Elegant ceramic tagine * Material: Flame Ceramic * Dimensions: H20x27cm * Capacity: 2L * Stylish burgundy colour * Specifically designed for slow simmering * Can be used directly on heat * Oven proof * Tall lid allows steam to circulate * Microwave and dishwasher safe * Please note, slight imperfections and blemishes can occur